The End Game of the Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

Recently, many advances in artificial intelligence have highlighted the need to discuss the possible technological advancements that could replace humans in many jobs. But is it the end of replacement? What is the limit that can this advancement end us to? We searched for many articles and tried to envision the possible outcomes of this technology before it was too late.  

How far could this end us?

There might be a limit to Artificial models for any human being.
Computer rational thinking is more advanced than any human; for example, the IBM computer is designed to challenge the best chess player. At the end of the games, computers were able to challenge the best chess players. Absolutely, training this Artificial intelligence to reconstruct itself will end up to a model with powerful tools. The problem is not the rational thinking of the artificial model are rather how would this open a door for more integration that dominate the artificial intelligence capabilities.

Would people losing their jobs question legal ways to limit these capabilities?

Of course, Business is greedy; how many workers in the automated car industry movement lose their jobs? The market is unfair, and you normally need to update yourself regularly with new technology.
Imagine shortly when these artificial industries take over many professional jobs, such as customer services, deliveries, machinery, and other simple jobs. As abstract, these artificial models get advanced, and the robotics industry improves, the replacement will be phenomenal, mostly going to the next level where you need a university degree. I imagine we will be sitting in front of a touching monitor where we interactively ask for the design of your software, and the interaction will be using virtual reality. 

Weaponised the Artificial intelligence?

You wouldn’t be worried about the cost; the training is a simple algorithm copied and pasted, the number and also their capabilities will be intriguing as they don’t get tired, and their reaction is freaking awesome as they are just a computer system.
Compared to the normal solider, the new generation of robotic solider that robotics companies have recently introduced will have better capabilities, and, future speaking, their cost will be freaking cheap as their replacement parties will be more affordable. However, certain aspects regarding their connectivity, how would they will be connected to humans? Are they easily hackable? Would this affect their performance on the war ground? Certain criteria should be considered in their design. It doesn’t have to be fully robotics but might be a human-aided suit, as we see in the SC fiction movies. 


A system that thinks for us

There’s a limit to our logical thinking. Seeking advice using Virtual realities or integrated human computers would be possible in the future. Were these models where previously developed for highly scientific purposes, such as in the area of Aerospace industry
With the advances in machine learning modules, they become much more abstract daily. Our analytical capabilities will stop with their capabilities to draw rational thinking. Not only this, but big governmental groups will draw and ask for futuristic plans and advice from such a sophisticated system. For example, The Planning of a futuristic system will be much easier with a few parameters being given to the AI or optimisation system to search for solutions for us automatically. Even more, governmental decision sensitivities decisions such as budgets, laws, and many other high-order decisions will be based on those modules.
 A muscle show or a creative business ideas
Recently, a huge show of business support for new AI ideas blew anyone’s mind, but did these ideas develop overnight?
Many new artificial intelligence systems have recently been showing off suddenly, and they are more abstract to a level that seems to intrigue your mind, not just on the business level but also with other sectors. Even with a highly experienced group of engineers working together, these models took several years to build. Would those models possibly have been previously built for highly scientific purposes, such as aerospace autonomous industry, and then shown as creative business ideas? The question is still possible, and I am open to asking why the timing for the show off of the creative business ideas. 

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