Top 10 Jobs that are highly in demands in the Future

Shifting the job trend will become increasingly visible as the advancement in some scientific areas. Demand for certain Jobs will flourish and the opposite will happen in other jobs. Advancements in automation, programming, mechanical, electrical engineering and renewable energy, open the door for certain jobs to get high demand and influence the market for other jobs. In the early ages, before the beginning of the full automation of the car manufacturing industries, labour-intensive jobs were highly in demand; on the other side, programming and automation were just ideas on paper that have become soon applications that no one can ignore. Many different ideas on paper will quickly become applications that will shift the demand for jobs and how we approach our daily lives. In this article, I'll discuss the most in-demand jobs that every student and even graduate should consider before he finds himself a victim of scientific advancement.

Automation and AI Jobs

Of Course, Advanced research in Automation and AI has shifted the demand for certain careers, such as Automation engineering and machine learning engineering. Thanks to AI and Automation, now we can see fully automated car manufacturing factories that clearly work from start to finish with just one to two labour. All the Jobs in the industries go to automation and AI labour and engineering. Certain industries still lie behind the automation process, such as construction engineering. Can we see in the future a fully automated construction process that doesn’t involve labour? See the above video to show the automated BMW manufacturing.


Cybersecurity Jobs are more in-demand jobs than ever before.
Increasing access to the internet and computer knowledge shifted the attention to digital archiving. Our usage of computers increased dramatically in the last two decades, and this has improved our need to restore our important files digitally. Not Just archiving, our payment becomes even fully digital, which improves our need for digital security, and with time, the number of hackers increases with the increased level of computational education. High-level cybersecurity engineers are in need more than ever before.



With the increased dependence on technology, the amount of available data rapidly increased. Thus, the need for a professional to analyze the information has increased consequently.
Of Course, our daily life has become a bunch of digital information from the beginning of the day and the scan of your fingerprint to your daily coffee and your Eftops payment. Increasing the level of digital information has given us a bunch of information that needs to be analysed and predicted. Even your genetic information can also be collected to get your best match. It seems a crazy idea, but we started to evolve digitally than ever before. Data analysis has freakishly in-demand jobs, not just in research but industrially are needed for product quality analysis and prediction of consumer needs. Also, weather prediction is an interesting example of a data analysis job.



Climate change has made a dramatic shift in energy sources even more than advanced in AI and automation could possibly have done .

Climate change has dramatically caused a great shift in energy sources. Much evidence from flooding, the global rising of the sea level, and Forest fires have increased the attention to the problem. Many policies have been changed, and more should be done accordingly. Increasing the dependency on renewable energy will be necessary in the next few years. Thus, Considering the renewable sector as an alternative carrier is highly recommended for a clean future for the next generation.

Social media content creators

Our easy accessibility to the internet made us more addicted to social media over traditional media .

Considering a career in Social Media is highly preferable over traditional media. Many studies have shown the spending hours of people from different countries on Social Media are considerably higher than those who watch traditional media. Also, futuristic speaking, the accessibility to the internet and even the satellite internet will be much easier and faster than conventional media, which, in fact, shift a lot of the audience to Social media. Social Media are, in fact, more interactive than traditional media sources. You can easily, comment, and interact with the creator. Anyone can establish his account, which makes it much more interactive and implements the basic human freedom of speech right.


Globalisation and less connectivity with the self , other and environment are in fact not part of the human nature but a necessity to live in the new era .

A new technological era that will not leave a portion of time in your daily life routine to connect with yourself and others. This would, in fact, leave a lot of us with mental disorders not because of him but because of the necessity to live in the new technological era. For instance, considering some of developed countries such as Japan and other developing countries, the comparison with regarding the standard of life and minimum wages are considerably not comparable. But, with regard to mental health, people in developing countries are enjoying higher mental health compared to those in developed countries.

Cosmetic and Plastic surgeries industries

Our less self connect to ourselves , would much result in unsatisfaction of the self , achievment and requiring more .

Globalization is forcing us to try to achieve more, self-development, and even more, which often results in less satisfaction with oneself and the effort to improve. Not just philosophically speaking but logically, the advances in cosmetic surgery will mostly change the shape of anyone and become much and much cheaper, possibly rethinking the price and Pan.

E-Commerce industries

In fact, increasing the number of cities with Autonomousity standards has made it possible to robotise the E-Commerce industries. A huge shift to the Full autonomousity of the process reduced the cost and shifted a lot of consumers to the E-commerce choice. A huge number of branches for Amazon and Alibaba shifted the process to fully automated distribution; even more, delivery was made possible with robotics, flying robotics and Autonomous cars. In the next few years, a shift in the regulation to help the industries to take place in many developing countries.

Industrial Engineers

The increasing population in developing countries and the increase in their high standard of living have shifted their regulations toward the importance of the manufacturing industries.

Basically, the demand for innovative industries has increased; every day, we experience a new product and creative industry. Many countries have increasingly shifted their attention to the importance of manufacturing and industries. There are an increasing number of factories in developing countries than ever before, and there is a huge concern about the increasing demand as the increasing population is looming.

Space industries

Many wouldn’t believe that but what happened between 2021 and 2022 have proven the great attention that many government have shown toward the the space industries.

Many Space companies were established between 2019 and 2021 in the US and Europe. Countries showed pride in their technological advances by establishing a new mission in space. Also, creating private companies that deliver a travel experience outside the Earth has created a potential for expansion to the space industries . Reducing the cost of the Journey would likely increase the attention to the industry. Not just the travel experience, the private sector have expanded to more than one company which deliver satellite internet. Great potential for expansion to the industry and much more flood of cash will poor in the new mission.

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