In the new era of AI, to what extent will capitalism exacerbate the issues faced by the poor while funneling a disproportionate amount of resources to the wealthy?

While you may be enjoying reading about the latest posts and videos discussing the new revolution of artificial intelligence, you probably don't realize how severe capitalism's impact will be. In this article, I will present an imaginary scenario where this new technology leads to the elimination of fundamental jobs and social classes, potentially sparking revolutions that may struggle to begin due to the advanced technology predominantly controlled by the wealthier classes.

Replacements of less skilled jobs are often followed by the automation of higher skilled ones.

AI is initially slower in replacing lower-skilled jobs, particularly those that do not require critical or creative thinking. However, the trend indicates an increasing shift towards automating higher-skilled positions. This trajectory could lead to further impoverishment in poor countries and the emergence of new social classes in richer nations, with certain jobs becoming obsolete. Consider, for instance, the trust one may place in a car engineered by AI compared to one assembled by humans with significantly less precision and accuracy, rendering the comparison between AI capabilities and human capabilities incomparable.

The era of social, economic, and political revolutions may be drawing to a close as we enter the age of AI-driven Slavery

You may perceive this topic as imaginary, but to some extent, it’s quietly unfolding without your immediate awareness.

Pretending against the advancement of the new technological age I refer to as capitalism-AI may prove futile. In the future, requesting rights from affluent, high-class companies after losing jobs could become increasingly challenging due to their possession of advanced technology. With surveillance cameras adorning every street corner, drones patrolling the skies, and AI-equipped armies surpassing human capabilities, the situation may seem insurmountable. This discussion focuses solely on the affluent classes benefiting from this ongoing revolution, and doesn’t have any relations of  governmental or related entities.

The article discusses the potential implications of the convergence of capitalism and advanced AI technology, particularly regarding the power dynamics between the wealthy elite and the rest of society. It raises concerns about the increasing control and influence of affluent classes enabled by sophisticated surveillance, AI-driven security measures, and economic dominance.

The plausibility of the scenarios depicted in the article depends on various factors, including technological advancements, socio-political dynamics, and ethical considerations. While some aspects of the narrative may align with current trends in technology and society, others may be speculative or exaggerated. Please comments us to help us continue writing


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